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Lincoln High School Class of '91 Reunion
Why Is This Important?

We've worked hard to put this together. Take a moment to read on why this was important enough to do well.

Who knew?

Everyone told us that once we graduated, time would fly by and before we knew it, it would be time for the reunion. Most of us laughed because we didn't figure we'd get that old any time soon. Who knew?

Our Mission

A high school reunion is a chance to take a measure of how we've grown as people. In our everyday lives, its easy to lose perspective of who we are because we don't have good way to measure. This reunion will be the chance to get that perspective again. Its good to get in touch with people who knew you when you were young, if only to get together to laugh at how dumb we were. Maybe it will be a chance to make amends for something you felt guilty about and never thought you could fix or maybe you will remember and re-awaken an old feeling that you didn't think you had anymore. Whatever the driving force may be, your Reunion Committee wants to be sure you have that chance. All you have to do is take it. Please, take the time right now and register today.


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Elites 1991 10-year Reunion | c/o Sandra Ramirez | 257 S Avenue 18 | Los Angeles, CA 90031